Friday, November 11, 2005

Not so techy

Have you checked out Google Earth? You can now see the houses of ur near and dear ones who stay miles away. What is Google Earth? It is a free product made available by Google that lets you view the entire earth in 3D, but has enough detail that you can zoom in and view your own house! You can download it directly from Google here.

Hey, my dad has begun blogging and its available at I now gotta get my husband to start blogging. The two of them are very well-read and are amazing writers .

Well I decide to go slightly non-techy today and am gonna jot down 2 recipes I tried out. Kaushik loves them

Bread Slices
Chicken Link
The omnipresent water!!!

Grease the bread on one side with pickle [we used tomato pickle and it tatses yum!]. Now roll the bread over the link so it looks like you have stuffed the bread with the link. Now moist the ends of the bread and seal them. You can choose to leave it dry for awhile. Keep a few pieces ready and heat the pan. When the pan is ready, dip the stuffed bread in beaten egg and then cook it on the pan. Ofcourse, you can get creative with the stuffing.

And yeah, here is a suggestion from my good friend Babu. Incase you tend to hang out on the web for too long, try Not only does it offer free music but also allows you to record.
Google Web
This Blog


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