Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bow Bow...Meow Meow

Before I get to discuss the weird yet cute news that I caught on the MSNBC news this morning, let me share a few website tips. If you are a regular air-traveller, you definitely need to check out this website, Seatguru. You may be travelling in economy class, but you can still get enough legroom. This and lot more tips at Seatguru.

I am a big fan of Google. Take a look at this image. The picture is worth....

On to the cute fact though eh.., kinda weird. Did you know that your dogs and cats love music. Not just that, they can appreciate music just like you and me. This market segment has just been identified and guess what, looks like there are quite a few players already catering to this untapped segment. You can listen to some of these numbers at NPR's website. Alright, don't feel disheartened. You don't have to buy the CD's to make your pets happy. Its online 17 hours and its free. Yes, online radio channel just for your pets. Ladies & gentlemen, introducing the first online radio channel for your pets: The channel was launched by Californian Adrian Martinez and he says the aim of this online venture is to keep house pets company while their "pet parents" are at work. The DJs speak directly to the pets. Music includes Enya and Elvis Presley's Hound Dog. Barks and miaows are also included, spread liberally throughout each broadcast. You also receive practical advice (for pet parents) from the DJ's. Martinez says he got the idea because "My cat, Snickers, asked me to do it." Snickers was restless one day but calmed down when Martinez put on some music. Well, I am sure my mom is gonna be thrilled. And of course, my Aunt Bhanu now has a better way to keep Spencer away from barking!!!
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  • Rowf

    Hey whats with all this snazzy tech stuff it is scarin non techies likes me ;if the content doesnt the background does it is 2 Anniyanisque U cud have a buffaloe also on it. Y dont u write some kool stuff like emotions or people or boredom anythin but go light on the Comps 4 dummies bit.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:59 AM  

  • Hey Janus,

    Blog is all about expressing oneself. So I can only talk topics that interest me. However thanks for your comments and I will definitely take it as a feedback. Maybe I will be reformatting the look. Lets See! I sincerely think my recent posting is completely non-technical. Its talking about websites and only about websites. Just gather some patience and read it and am sure you'll see what I mean.Cheers!

    By Blogger Tags Mechanic, at 9:48 AM  

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