Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Turn your Blog To a Cash Cow

Hey, looks like I am inspiring quite a few people [Wink!! wink]. My husband has begun blogging and is available at Kaushik's Top 5 . Like I already mentioned, he is an avid reader and an amazing critic [ask me abt it!!!]. He's gonna keep it updated every week. Currently he's reading the book The Man by Irving Wallace .He's all engrossed. Lets see if he'd have anything to say abt this book this weekend.

While he would be covering topics on books,hotels etc., my sister a dietician has started her new blog, "Your Diet Queries Answered Here". She would be posting recipes, tips for healthy living and yes, would also be more than happy to answer your diet queries.

Yesterday another good friends wanted to know about blogging and affiliate programs. To me, this is pretty cool. You write what you want, you express anything you feel like and you get paid for it. And voila a digital cash cow for you.

To blog, I am sure youy would have noticed, you need not be a techy. You can use Blogger itself to embark on your new exercise. Blogger themselves offer nice templates. Else you can download some cool templates from Blogspot Templates or you can even buy some professional templates from my friend, Chugs

As far as affiliate programs are concerned, there are three programs I will strongly recommend. You write and install Google scripts to earn money for you. You can make good money using Google Adsense. When you enroll for this program, google provides you with an easy-to-install script. Lotsa websites, rave about this program. I have it on my website too. But personally for me, Chitika eMinimall, is helping me make better money.

The next step is to become an Amazon Associate. The Amazon Associate program offers independent online publishers with the opportunity to promote any product in its inventory as affiliate agents. All it takes is adding a small, identifying code to the links that take your site's visitors to a specific Amazon product page (books, DVDs, electronics, etc.). If the visitors who clicked on your links buy an item even if it's not the item you point to — you are rewarded with a small commission.

But the most important thing is getting your blog popular. To drive vistors to your website, you may have to market it vigorously. Please include it the blog address signature in your emails. Submit it to popular search engines.

To play this game, you require a Google PageRank of 4 or more. (Please read more to find out how to measure Google PageRank). For those having a PR value of 6, 7 or more, there is great opportunity for serious monetization. As an indicator, five or six text ads can easily bring in a few hundred dollars every month on a PR 6 site/blog

I will be writing more tips in the weeks to come.
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  • hey neels

    r u serious? how much do u think i can earn?

    By Blogger Srilu, at 3:04 PM  

  • Hi Sanky,

    I have heard ppl earning around $ 32 - $40 per day. I am yet to get there and I am working towards it.

    By Blogger Tags Mechanic, at 6:17 PM  

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