Friday, November 18, 2005

Alternative to Windows Office

The old lady drops a few more quarters in the parking meter.She then turns, smiles and says "How nice it would be if life was like this. I could add a few quarters to spend more time with my grand kids". This is an ad for an insurance company.

Well, with days passing by so fast, we hardly take time to stop and think what we are doing with our lives. But nevertheless, everyone does it at some point of time, but I just wish its not too late then.

Anyway, just a rumination.

Alrite for my web pick today: You got the tune in your head but you have forgotten the song. Man, I know its a pretty tuf situation. Not gonna last for long! Just tune into and hum the tune into your microphone.

Hey I just bought a new PC with XP installed on it. Unfortunately it didnt have, Office installed. I tried . Its amazing. I guess its even compatible with Windows Office. I have sent quite a few file to Word users and I havent heard from them any compatibility issues.

Have a great weekend!!!
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  • Neela dear, I've added you into 1337tech's blogroll. Will add you into the main site's links list soon

    By Anonymous Chewxy, at 5:59 PM  

  • Other Options:

    StarOffice - OOo 's Big Brother
    KOffice - On Linux

    By Anonymous Kiran, at 4:21 PM  

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