Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta - Will it be a Winner or is it too Late?

Microsoft IE 7.0 beta is available for download. Yes, it is still in beta and is in a testing phase with developers. For all early adopters like me, it is available for download here.

A few observations I have:

Since it is better you note the cons before you download [Remember its just a beta, so the objective is not to get critical but keep my readers informed]
  1. When I try clicking on a web link from my Microsft Outlook, you will have to explicitly associate the web links and IE atleast the first time, though IE has always been my default browser.
  2. I am not sure how heavy the application is and how taxing it can get on your system. Especially when I am editing this blog, I notice a perceptible lag between the action initiation and acual task completion. [even for a 'delete' to happen, it takes a second or more extra]

The nice things that will definitely put a smile on your face:

  1. Very appealing look and feel. I would say "It looks neat, crisp and visually very appealling".
  2. If one reason you preferred another browser to IE was because IE didn't have tabbed browsing, its a thing of the past. IE 7.0 allows tabbed browsing
  3. The toolbar is thinner and giving more space for website content.
  4. Also the toolbar's design makes it less conspicuous and therefore the website you browse, gets all the attention
  5. It also provides a built-in search box and you can choose your favorite search engine
  6. It also boasts an in-built feed reader
  7. Looks like they have built some security against phishing websites

Contrary to the fact, that IE enhancements always accompanies OS version improvements, Bill Gates announced an updated version of IE 7 to be released, without waiting for the next version of Windows to hit the market.

This version has a whole load of responsibilities:

  1. The recent security leaks almost has lead people to consider IE itself as a security threat. IE may have to deliver itself against all these security attacks.
  2. Netscape has announced a re-entry. IE will have to get stronger if they have to face this once upon a time strong player.
  3. Most importantly it has to snatch back the market-share it lost to Firefox.

Lets see if IE proves itself again or is it too late?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Log into your messenger from office!

So have you felt that your office is interfering with one of your basic freedom or basic right - the right to communicate to your friend. The firewall does not allow you to log into any of your favorite messengers. You should then try meebo.com

By the way, I have undergone SOX sessions. So I should also put forth the disclaimer. Though it does sound fun to sneak in through this website, pl remember your company has a very good reason to ban the access to these applications. They can pose considerable threat to information security. Be careful! you can have your internet access revoked or some companies take it even more seriously. They can even terminate you.

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Apple Powerbook G4's CD drive disturbs my slumber

I guess I almost forgot the existence of this blog until we encountered problems with our G4 powerbook CD-Drive yet again!!! One of my earlier postings was regarding the issues I had with Apple Powerbook G4's CD Drive. The article kinda received protest from Mac fans. I received quite a few emails. Well to all of them, I am encountering the problem once again? What will you have to say?

Yesterday the Powerbook-G4 displayed error message - "Cannot read CD-Drive". We did the 'shut down + Restart' exercise and then we could see the CD Drive once again. Problem resurfaced when we tried burning a CD. It indicated that it would take atleast two hours for the 16 songs to be written to the CD. I first brushed it off saying that it was rubbish. But it kept reading the second song for more than ten minutes. I then forced termination of the process.

I am definitely not happy with the purchase of this Powerbook. Prospective buyers please double check before you decide to invest in this. However I should also tell you, that we have had problems only with the CD Drive so far. Otherwise we have not had any other problems with the product. ;-)

By the way, considering the frequency of the issue and the help required to handle these issues, I have registered a domain name MacCustomerSupport.com. It is available for sale!

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