Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Apple Powerbook G4's CD drive disturbs my slumber

I guess I almost forgot the existence of this blog until we encountered problems with our G4 powerbook CD-Drive yet again!!! One of my earlier postings was regarding the issues I had with Apple Powerbook G4's CD Drive. The article kinda received protest from Mac fans. I received quite a few emails. Well to all of them, I am encountering the problem once again? What will you have to say?

Yesterday the Powerbook-G4 displayed error message - "Cannot read CD-Drive". We did the 'shut down + Restart' exercise and then we could see the CD Drive once again. Problem resurfaced when we tried burning a CD. It indicated that it would take atleast two hours for the 16 songs to be written to the CD. I first brushed it off saying that it was rubbish. But it kept reading the second song for more than ten minutes. I then forced termination of the process.

I am definitely not happy with the purchase of this Powerbook. Prospective buyers please double check before you decide to invest in this. However I should also tell you, that we have had problems only with the CD Drive so far. Otherwise we have not had any other problems with the product. ;-)

By the way, considering the frequency of the issue and the help required to handle these issues, I have registered a domain name It is available for sale!

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