Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Norton was the culprit [Eh....] Gmail-my apologies

Last night, when I had tried accessing my gmail to access resources, I was shocked to find that Gmail was not accessible from my laptop. I tried IE and AOL explorer. However I was able to access Yahoo mail.I tried accessing yahoo mail through the messenger mail alert and not by keying in the mail address.

It was shocking to find gmail down and I had posted my observations on my blog. This morning, as part of my routine, walked with my coffee mug to the desktop computer. Accessed gmail and was working fine. I thought gmail is up and running, finally! Phew!! I have all my project related materials in my gmail. I just realised how dependent I was on Gmail and I have not taken secondary copy.

Ok now, a true techy, is never happy with one gadget. So I just opened my laptop early afternoon. Gosh, I am not able to access Gmail again. Now I try accessing Yahoo mail by keying in the address. Yahoo mail cannot be accessed either. Neither Hotmail nor aol mail. But only on the laptop.

After a brief investigation mode, the techie in me said, hey didnt you turn off the norton internet security on request from Gmail yday. So I just activated and yes I am able to access my email accounts. Sorry Google & Gmail for the mistake. It was norton internet security. He was responsible for the mess. [Wink!!!]

But I still can't explain the Splash Pages I noticed on http://mail.google.com They were very colorful pages that promoted gmail.

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